Who We Are

Intelligence, know-how, passion and reliability: these are the qualities characterising Gruppo Principe of Trieste, for more than 50 years leader in the production of quality hams, sausages and salami. From Stefano, the Company founder, the members of the Dukcevich family—presently in its third generation—have learnt that a successful brand is the result of a mixture of professionalism, experience, quality and technology.

The acorn brand has conquered the national and international markets with its typical products, particularly the outstanding San Daniele DOT Ham. Principe — main Italian producer of San Daniele DOT hams, with 230,000 pieces branded in 2000 — is also leader in the production of Cooked Hams (Classic and Smoked), covering 26% of the Company's turnover, and in the production of Vienna sausages — including the newly-born Wulevú, launched at the end of 1999.

Thanks to the excellent raw material, to a new recipe (30% ham meat) and to the innovative packaging, this new product has consolidated the Group's leadership position on the market of hams and salami. Vienna Sausages, Smoked Hams, Roasts and Cooked Hams have been flanked by PrimoPrincipe, a cooked ham without polyphosphates, glutamate and milk derivatives: the ideal product for those who suffer from food intolerances.

The Group is composed of Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. and King's S.p.A.

Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. has its factories in San Daniele del Friuli and Trieste, whereas King's S.p.A., bought from the multinational Company Nestlé in 1999, produces its DOT Raw Hams in San Daniele and its Tyrol Smoked Hams and Val Liona Hams in Sossano.

Company Structure

Considerable increases have been also achieved in Japan and the United States, through Principe Foods Inc, the company's direct distribution channel.

The range of products is very wide and diversified: San Daniele DOP Ham (leading Italian producer with 236,000 units branded in 2001), Unbranded Raw Hams, Praga Hams, Classic Cooked Hams, Roasts, Vienna Sausages.

Intelligence, know-how, passion and reliability are the distinctive features of Gruppo Principe, one of the few Italian food Companies to have been awarded ISO 9001 Certification.

Our Mission

Tradition and craftsmanship on the one hand, and modern strategies for the management of the production system on the other: the perfect synergy of these two elements have always led Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. to pursue the objective of offering the best products and meeting the requirements of consumers and trade customers in the various channels. The wide range of Principe products is therefore the result of the matching of ancient recipes, state-of-the-art equipment and—above all — of high-quality raw material provided by selected and trustworthy suppliers.

The result is an excellent and prestigious product, combining tradition and technology, as “old” Stefano recommended.

Strict compliance with health regulations goes even further than the national law: an internal Quality Control system monitors all stages of the production process by implementing HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) criteria and the actions required by ISO 9001 certification (Lloyd's Register of London).

The factory of Trieste sees the production of Cooked and Smoked Hams, Vienna Sausages, Bacon, Roasts and other typical products, resorting to the most modern technologies for an improvement of efficiency and control of traditional production processes, without altering the principles they are based upon. Thus, the de-boning process is still done completely by hand, and the smoking process of our hams is carried out with natural beach wood.

In the ham factory of San Daniele del Friuli, innovations were introduced for the first time in the ageing process. The continuous monitoring of the ageing environment and the computer-controlled opening of windows based upon external climatic conditions have later been adopted by all ham producers. The same microclimate and procedure adopted for San Daniele DOT (Protected Denomination of Origin) Hams are also used for the ageing process of unbranded hams constituting the Principe raw hams line.

The objective is to put technology at the service of safety and improved constant quality, without altering the typical flavours and procedures characterising the products. This approach and the skill with which it was pursued, led a small workshop created immediately after the second world war to reach a leadership position in the Italian hams and sausages industry.